Ultimate Tumbler Heat Press Machine Buying Guide

One of the innovative ways for freelance designers and companies to carry out their branding is through printing on tumblers and mugs. Along with stationery and t-shirts, coffee mugs are some of the best candidates for displaying your artwork. With technological advancements, you can now own your tumbler heat press machine. Having a machine that helps you carry out sublimation is worth the investment. However, this is not enough. You should get a machine that will not fail you. It needs to do justice to your talent and skill as a designer, advertiser, or both.

There are many manufacturers out there who claim to make the best tumbler press machines. Well, you cannot believe all of them. You need to read reviews and expert opinions on some of the best heat presses available. Also, you need to know the important features that come with these machines. These are some of the considerations to take into account when buying tumbler heat press machines.

Temperature Control

If you want to print letters and different designs on tumblers made of a variety of materials, then you should choose a press that allows you to set the correct temperature. Remember that each material has its temperature requirements. When you set the correct temperature, you will achieve long-lasting and neat results.


It is a good idea to check the timer. Most machines provide a timer setting of four minutes. You can also find some that offer up to six minutes. For materials such as ceramic and plastic, you only need a maximum time setting of 3 minutes. Usually, when the machine takes more time on printing, you can get darker imprints. However, for darker shades, you need extra minutes. The idea is to extend the printing cycle without operating your machine twice. This will ensure you save ink, time, and money.


There are different types of tumbler presses. For instance, you can find manual, automatic, and hybrid machines. Hybrid presses combine both manual and automatic features. The good thing about automatic machines is that they are easy to use. Ideally, they do not require anything from you other than pressing the start button. There are times you need the functionality of a manual press and the convenience of an automatic one. In this case, you should choose a hybrid tumbler press.

Production Capacity

If you are in business, you need to pay attention to production capacity. You should determine why you require a tumbler press. Maybe you want to sell tons of tumblers and mugs. In such a case, you should go for a heavy-duty machine that can make sublimation tumblers. However, heavy-duty machines tend to consume a lot of power.


When it comes to choosing the tumbler heat press machine, you need to consider your needs and interests. You should consider all the above factors. Additionally, you should check its price, extra features, and warranty. Ensure you get an affordable heat press that suits the needs of your business. The right machine should match your desired production capacity.



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